Vietnam Makeup/Personal Care Products Market Industry

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A must-read to gather the most insightful analysis on the Vietnam cosmetics industry. The special section “Vietnam start-ups in a dilemma: To grow or to sell?” reveals the

management know-how for the local market based on the real story of a leading perfume company (Company S) in Vietnam, which has been experiencing 15% year-on-year growth. On a larger scale, this section also reveals the business trends these Vietnamese emerging companies are going through. The report itself offers a holistic overview of the growth numbers and the trends of each of the market segments, ranging from the highly popular foreign brands to the domestic products. Drilling deeper into the industry, this report shows you the consumer profiles as well as the competitors’ profiles. If you are considering venturing into this highly lucrative industry in Vietnam, this report is definitely a go-to to prepare you and kick start your business confidently.

The report is as structured below. Through the analyses and insights provided in this report, we hope that this will allow businesses to gain a good understanding on the Vietnamese market and the competition landscape in the country, so as to make informed decisions related to consumer behaviours and attitudes towards beauty products.



Executive summary

Special Section

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Vietnam and its allure in beauty and personal care market

2.1. Population increase, income growth and improved awareness

brings beauty demand to new levels

2.2. Market size and industry growth of Vietnam cosmetics market

2.3. Product Segmentation – Definitions and estimated market size

2.3.1. Cosmetics

2.3.2. Personal Care

2.3.3. Fragrances/ grooming

3. Demand and Supply of Beauty and personal care products in Vietnam

3.1. Demand: Foreign Brands have a skin in the game

3.2. Domestic brands needed to catch up to their game

3.3. Main demand centres in Vietnam

3.4. Supply and distribution channels: Challenges with connecting demand and supply

4. Consumer behaviour in beauty and personal care

4.1. General consumer behaviour among Vietnamese

4.2. Regional differences exist in purchase attitudes

4.3. Changing skincare regime among Vietnamese women

4.4. Changing perception of cosmetics as being integral to life

5. Current Trends

5.1. Increase in new beauty segments

5.1.1. Organic products getting popular in Vietnam

5.1.2. Men’s grooming not as seen as taboo anymore

5.2. Safety issues in cosmetics in Vietnam bring customers to morereliable distribution channels

5.3. Unauthorised parallel imports in the trend

5.4. Rise of online distribution and marketing channels

5.5. The Vietnamese Y generation – New Paradigm, new opportunities

6. What can companies do to win in the Vietnamese market

6.1. The need to anticipate future product needs


6.2. The need to expand to new regimes of market

6.3. The need to be efficient in distribution

7. Profiling competitors

7.1. Local Beauty and Personal Care Companies

7.1.1. Thorakao (Lan Hao Cosmetics Company Limited)

7.1.2. Saigon Cosmetics Corporation (SCC)

7.1.3. Song Hoa Cosmetics Corporation

7.2. Foreign Beauty and Personal Care Companies

7.2.1. Marico Limited – X-men Shampoo

7.2.2. Wipro Unza Holdings Limited

7.2.3. Unilever Vietnam International Company Limited

7.2.4. L’Oréal Vietnam Company Limited

8. Conclusion

9. References


<Tables and figures – Vietnam Cosmetics 2017>

Figure1: Growth of beauty and personal care in Vietnam (2016)

Figure 2: Growth of cosmetics by sub-segment in Vietnam 

Figure 3: Growth of personal care market by sub-segment in Vietnam

Figure 4: Growth of fragrance and grooming market by sub-segment in Vietnam

Figure 5: Foreign Manufacturers and market share11

Figure 6: Importation of counterfeits to Vietnam

Figure 7: Price range for counterfeit products

Figure 8: Top of mind for Beauty and Personal Care


Table 3: Saigon Cosmetics Corporation Financials


Infographics 1: Vietnam’s cosmetics and personal care market overview

Infographics 2: How Vietnamese see foreign brands

Infographics 3: Main demand centres in Vietnam

Infographics 4: Consumers from different cities are different

Infographics 5: All about the Vietnamese consumers (Cosmetics & Skincare)

Infographics 6: Men’s grooming as a rising segment in Vietnam

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