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Editorial Reports on the Impact of Political and Social Sciences on World Economics

It can be argued that the main forces in the modern world are political, social and economical – all three of which are undeniably intertwined.

Acknowledging this significance, Zebelle’s editorial reports offer deep insights into the complexities behind the linkages between political science, social science and the world economic markets. We believe that such acumen will enhance knowledge in unlocking the full wealth of opportunities for our clients.

By engaging in this cross-disciplinary research, our team critically analyses all aspects that can influence decision-making. This provides a comprehensive viewpoint on the full extent of the benefits, challenges and implications across all three segments.

Industry Research Reports

Our industry research reports encompass the following six aspects:

  • Fundamental industry statistics
  • Current industry environment and market performance
  • Competitive landscape
  • Leading competitors and their key financial data
  • Major risk and success factors

Zebelle strives to be the most exacting source for reliable industry statistics. We can deliver exhaustive data coverage (such as revenue trends, inventory levels, sales forecasts, etc.) for your specific industry.

Having these figures on hand allows for critical awareness of the key issues and trends affecting the operating environment. This is vital in guiding the conceptualisation of your company’s pioneering marketing strategy.

Public Survey and Tracking Reports

In order to achieve practical end-to-end business solutions, it is important to conduct consumer surveys, public opinion polls, demographic research, media analyses and other such market assessments. These are all vital tools in helping companies comprehend the issues, attitudes and trends shaping Asia.

Comprising highly competent statisticians, data analysts and IT professionals – Zebelle’s research team has extensive experience in conducting the various types of market assessment methods across a diverse range of topics:


  • Arts
  • Ethnic Trends
  • Internet Trends
  • Media & Journalism
  • Public Will
  • Religion
  • Science & Technology
  • Senior Citizen / Mid-life
  • Social & Demographic Trends

Market assessment methods

  • Brand Research
  • Product Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Projective Techniques
  • Data Mining
  • Scenario Planning
  • Demographic Research
  • Segmentation Research
  • Employee Research
  • Semiotic & Cultural Analysis
  • Image Studies
  • Statistical Analysis
  • International Studies
  • Store Audits
  • Opinion Polling
  • Syndicated Research
  • Packaging/Design
  • Tracking Studies
  • Panels
  • Validation Services
  • Pricing Studies
  • Web Panel

Our wide range of research and analytics capabilities, coupled with our profound understanding of the various platforms available, ensures that we can deliver tremendous value to our clients’ businesses.

Zebelle’s research surveys and opinion polls on political and social issues are completely unbiased and reflect the viewpoints of unaffiliated participants. We do not represent any particular political position.

Customised Investment Advisory and Enhanced Research

Zebelle’s customised investment advisory and enhanced research services offer concise business solutions tailor-made to the client’s unique business structure and operating conditions.

Our two main objectives are as follows:

Investment Advisory

This service is designed to help clients achieve their investment goals. Our team of investment advisory experts will conduct a thorough analysis of each individual client’s business; construct personalised market research tools and reports; and provide investment advisory solutions wholly targeted at the client’s needs. Zebelle also offers post-investment support, and can assist clients in market news monitoring and investment portfolio management.

To obtain more details, please send your enquiries to our customer service via

Enhanced Research

This service is designed to complement clients in their own market research efforts. Zebelle’s team of researchers, editors and proof-readers are native speakers of English, Mandarin and Japanese, and hold extensive work experience in research, editing and proofreading. Clients are welcomed to tap into our wide range of professional skills (including compilation of customer feedback, customer expectation surveys, evaluation of customer touchpoints, etc.) to enhance their own research and reporting processes.

To obtain more details, please send your enquiries to our customer service via