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シンガポール WiFiブロードバンド産業 調査報告書 2017


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本稿は、世界有数のIT大国として名高いシンガポール共和国のWifi及びブロードバンド産業にスポットを当て、対ブロードバンド消費者需要のパターンと市場参入要件及びそれに伴う障壁、SI(System Integration:システムインテグレーション、以下SI)サービスを提供する主要企業プロファイルを含む市場競争環境、そして情報通信とブロードバンド産業における最新動向を詳述し、今後の展望を分析する。”持続可能な近未来スマートネーションの建設”をミッションに掲げる同国の、更に輝く未来へ向けて、ブロードバンド産業は起爆剤となることが期待される。筆者が独自に書き下ろしたCore-Story「東南アジアを攻める安定利益率20%企業の次なる一手とは?!高い成長率IT/通信インフラ業界成長の鍵」を皮切りに、政府により定まれた”ご法度”も盛り込んだ、皆様の今後の事業参入計画の構想に是非おススメの一品である。


Why read the report:

The infocomm and broadband industry in Singapore has been experiencing exponential growth and is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Overall revenues for the Singapore infocomm industry grew at a CAGR of 18.0% from 2010 to 2015 to reach SGD 189.6 billion in 2015. In addition, the local broadband market is highly vibrant, made up of not only the three largest market players (Singtel, M1 and Starhub), but also up-and-coming newcomers such as ViewQwest, MyRepublic and Colt Singapore.

What this report offers:

  • Current market performance of the infocomm and broadband industry in Singapore.
  • Trending consumer demand patterns for broadband.
  • Analysis of the current infocomm industry environment.
  • Examination of the sector’s consumers, suppliers, barriers to entry and competitive landscape.
  • Players profile of companies that provide system integration services (WiFi solutions)
  • The main drivers of the future of the broadband industry.
  • Key areas of opportunities


<Table of Contents>

Executive Summary
The Immense Potential of the Telecommunication Industry in
Southeast Aisa Uncovered
1. Overview of Infocomm, Broadband and WiFi
1.1. Definition
1.2. Market Performance
1.3. Technological Trends
1.3.1. Historial progression of broadband services in Singapore
1.3.2. Advancements in the technology and equipment
1.4. Consumer Trends
1.4.1. Increasing demand for broadband connectivity and faster speeds
1.5. Comparative Analysis
2. In-depth look: The System Integrator (WiFi Solutions) Industry
2.1. Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Systems Equipment
2.1.1. Major export countries
2.1.2. Common equipment
2.1.3. Major brands
2.2. Analysis of the local broadband & WiFi market
2.2.1. Customer satisfaction
2.2.2. Porter’s Five Forces of the infocomm market in Singapore
2.2.3. Competitor profile of players in the systems integrator industry
3. Drivers and Opportunities3.1. Internet for the public and businesses
3.1.1. Increasing digitisation on businesses and education
3.1.2. Internet in the commercial areas
3.1.3. Hotel and accommodation
3.1.4. Restaurants
3.1.5. Internet for the public: shopping malls, libarries and MRTstations 
3.1.6. WiFi for events
3.1.7. In-flight WiFi
3.1.8. Cyber security
3.2. Increasing Demand for Connectivity by Individuals
3.2.1. Home-use
4. Government Regulations
4.1. The Infocomm Media Development Authority
4.2. Telecommunications Act



<Table & Figure>

  • Table 1 Average and peak broadband speeds for Asia-Pacific region
  • Table 2 Product Values of ICT Exports to Singapore from the Top source countries.(a partial breakdown)
  • Table 3 Singapore ICT export revenues breakdown
  • Table 4 Common ICT devices for wireless installation
  • Table 5 The major manufacturers of infocomm products
  • Table 6 Broadband Internet Subscriptions in Singapore
  • Table 7 Proportion of enterprises using computers, Internet, broadband and with web presence
  • Table 8 Proportion of sectors using computers, Internet, broadband and with web presence
  • Table 9 Survey on internet habits of hotel guests and internet offerings by hoteliers
  • Table 10 Primary Internet activities of Internet users


  • Figure 1 Defining the broadband services
  • Figure 2 Segmentation of Singapore Infocomm Industry by revenue3
  • Figure 3 Segmentation of domestic infocomm industry by revenue4
  • Figure 4 Number of broadband subscribers111213
  • Figure 5 Fixed services revenue (Broadband & Enterprises)
  • Figure 6. Singapore’s broadband development timeline.
  • Figure 7. Internet usage & broadband subscription among Singaporeans (2015).
  • Figure 8 Top source countries for ICT exports to Singapore
  • Figure 9 Singapore infocomm export revenue
  • Figure 10 Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore48 49
  • Figure 11 Porter’s Five Forces
  • Figure 12 Number of connected devices
  • Figure 13 Number of daily logins to free WiFi at MRT stations  
  • Figure 14 Projected growth in demand for outdoor WiFi in Asia-Pacific
  • Figure 15 Revenues for providing in-flight internet connectivity 
  • Figure 16 Percentage of people with various form of internet access.
  • Figure 17 The importance of wifi at home
  • Figure 18 Number of home businesses in Singapore


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