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香港 F&Bケータリング業界最新動向 2017年度版


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世界三大金融センターの1つとして、世界有数の観光地として、東洋と西洋の文化が織り交ざるダイナミックな都市、香港。別名「至極の美食天堂(グルメパラダイス)」とも呼ばれるこの地は、高度な外食文化が形成され、ローカル市民は勿論のこと、世界中から訪れるビジネスマン・観光客の味覚本能を刺激してやまない。今回はそんな香港のF&Bケータリング事業にスポットライトを当て、その基本市場動静・消費者トレンド・競争状況・ビジネス環境と共に、既存進出済の外資ブランドの先進事例を織り交ぜながら、その盛況の根幹と香港ドリーム行きの片道切符を鷲掴む。筆者が独自に書き下ろしたCore Story「香港で成功した有名外資 ブランドに学ぶ成功事例vs失敗し たブランドに学ぶ失敗事例から紐解く、成功型勝ち組経営レシピ」と共に、じっくり”噛み締めて”ご堪能いただきたい。



Must Read! We present you with a recipe to run a successful catering business in HK! As one of the top 3 financial hubs in the world, HK is equally renowned for its tourism industry, and is often referred to as the ' Gourmet Paradise '. Food in HK is a finely balanced mixture of the Oriental and the Western flavors. Amid the busy cosmopolitan schedules, the locals have developed a robust eat-out culture with a diverse array of delicacies available within reach, which has benefited the foreigners just as much! With people willing to spend more on food there, no clever businessman shall miss out on this F&B business opportunity! So,rab yours now to understand more about the F&B market information, consumer trends, competitors, as well as the local business environment of the vibrant F&B catering industry in HK.

The report is structured likely below. We conclude that F&B is a viable business in Hong Kong. There is, however, a strong need for business, product and marketing planning. We provide a framework to succeed in Hong Kong’s F&B catering industry. 


Tables and Figures – HK F&B - Eng


Figure 1: Hong Kong’s GDP (2006-2016)

Figure 2: GDP growth compared across Southeast Asian & East Asian countries.

Figure 3: Hong Kong GDP annual growth rate

Figure 4: Hong Kong’s GDP from services sector

Figure 5: Total Retail Sales Y-o-Y growth shows weaker retailing trend

Figure 6: F&B Catering Industry Segmentation by Establishment.

Figure 7: F&B catering receipts in Hong Kong (2007-2016 projected)

Figure 8: Breakdown of the Retail F&B Catering Industry by sales contribution (in HKD billion), by Frost & Sullivan

Figure  9: Hong Kong consumer confidence vs. expenditure (2014-2017)

Figure 10: Household Expenditure Breakdown (2009/10) – Left, Household Expenditure Breakdown (2014/15) – Right

Figure 11: Hong Kong labour hourly rate and the wage growth rate (2010-2020)


Table  1: Hong Kong’s GDP by sector contribution

Table  2: Business Receipt Indices (2011-2016)

Table  3: Business Receipts Indices for Food Services Sector (2016-2017 quarterly)

Table  4: Restaurant receipts in HK (2012-2017)

Table  5: Hong Kong consumer’s expenditure per capita (2017)

Table  6: Percentage of expenditure on food by quartile expenditure group

Table  7: How gender affects diners’ choice of restaurant

Table  8: Reasons to choices of restaurants in HK

Table  9: Choices of restaurant for diners at different salary levels

Table  10: how different advertisement channels affect different nationals on their choices of dining.


Infographics 1A: How much does different food cost in Hong Kong?

Infographics 1B: Casual dining enjoys fastest growth by receipts

Infographics 1C: HK F&B by number of establishment

Infographics 2: Fine Dining VS. Casual Dining

Infographics 3: Understanding the Hong Kong Consumers for Their Restaurant Choices

Infographics 4: Hong Kong Labour Distribution



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