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”安定”と”伸び悩み”が共存する、シンガポールの美 容機器卸売事業。一体どの様な企業が次 世代のビジネスシーンにおいてその名を この地に輝かしく刻み込むことができる のであろうか?!本稿ではこのシンガポールマーケットにスポットライトを当て、グローバル美容医療市場動向と共に、現地 における医療美容機器技術の最新トレンド、製品の製造販売業者~販売仲介者 などの川上企業(仕入先)~医療美容サービスの提供者~川下エンドユーザ(消 費者)間のバリューチェーンや市場構造、主要業界プレイヤー情報を含む競争環 境など、業界にまつわる最新の情報を幅広く詳述し、今後の展望を分析する。筆者が独自に書き下ろしたCore Story「美容卸企業経営実態:ローカル美容卸企業S社から学ぶ、「成長鈍化」の壁を打ち破り、事業のレベルアップ する秘訣」と共に添えて、本稿を「事業進出時を想定したイメトレ活用」に、是非お勧めする。


Behind the Scenes…Beauty Essentials Supporters on the EquatorThe local beauty equipment wholesale business where "stability" and "sluggishness" co-exist. Hence, what kind of company can leave a track record gloriously for next generation in this small tropical nation where enjoys own spectacular economic success?  Providing the latest industry analysis, this paper aims to narrows to the critical success factors from the business operator’s viewpoint.

This report is structured as follows. The main purpose of this report analyses the value chain in the local aesthetic market in Singapore, starting from the upstream players in the local aesthetic market – the distributors of medical aesthetics equipment and products; followed by the middlemen – the providers of medical aesthetics services; and lastly the downstream end-users – the consumers of medical aesthetics services. Information on some of the major players from all three layers of the value chain will be discussed.

Meanwhile, if you wish to obtain a concrete image to embody actual business expansion into Singapore, we would like you to recommend paying attention to the special section named LEVEL UP FROM THE ‘STABLE YET SLUGGISH’ BUSINESS: How Should a Company Achieve That?,where core business insight are vividly described from the view point of business operator with the use of financial data provided by a medical aesthetics instrument wholesale company (hereafter ”Company S”) in Singapore.

Furthermore, before start reading this report, please note that challenges which this business would face are particularly: 

1. The limit to a ‘labour-intensive business model’.

2. The necessity to expand business overseas for a better profit margin.

3. Entry into the cosmetics industry: expanding on product variety is not enough to survive the tough competition there.

It is more than our pleasure if you could enjoy this coming long journey to read through this entire reporting. 


Data & Tables


Infographics 1: What makes up the medical aesthetics industry?

Infographics 2: Overview of the global medical aesthetics market revenue

Infographics 3: overview of the Asia medical aesthetics market

Infographics 4: The upstream players: medical aesthetics equipment distributors

Infographics 5: Major distributors of medical aesthetics devices in Singapore

Infographics 6: The most common minimally/non-invasive aesthetics treatments

Infographics 7: Popular medical aesthetics treatments and devices in Singapore



Table 1: List of invasive medical aesthetics procedures

Table 2: List of minimally/non-invasive medical aesthetics procedures

Table 3: List of physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals

Table 4: Major international players in the global medical aesthetic devices market

Table 5: Common technologies used in medical aesthetic treatments

Table 6: Prices of popular treatments in Singapore vs Korea

Table 7: Major hospitals in Singapore

Table 8: Number of hospitals in Singapore

Table 9: Medical aesthetics clinics in Singapore

Table 10: Major medical spas in Singapore

Table 11: Spending patterns of Singaporean women

Table 12: SWOT analysis

Table 13: Categories of medical aesthetics equipment

Table 14: Categories of medical aesthetics equipment



Figure 1: Projected growth of medical aesthetics industry in Asia

Figure 2: Growth in number of private medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore

Figure 3: Growth in medical tourism receipts for Singapore

Figure 4: Invasive procedures popular in the US

Figure 5: Minimally/non-invasive procedures popular in the US

Figure 6: Proportion of the Singapore workforce by age group

Figure 7: Growth in percentage of Singaporean men seeking plastic surgery

Figure 8: Proportion of US citizens who had plastic surgery by age group

Figure 9: Growth of Singapore’s ageing population

Figure 10: Application process to import “Therapeutic Products” into Singapore

Figure 11: Four other types of import license

Figure 12: Labelling requirements

Figure 13: Registering medical devices imported to Singapore

Figure 14: Guidelines on Aesthetic Practices for Doctors

Figure 15: Singaporean Consumer Brand Preference

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