China Market Insight

Understanding the dominant rise of China and its implications

Since its market reforms in 1978, China has quickly emerged as one of the leading economic powers in the world.

Key China facts:

  1. The second largest economy in the world by GDP.
  2. The largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity.
  3. Per capita GDP increased more than ten-fold from 1960 to 2016.
  4. Major market-mover for the commodities sector –China is the world’s largest user of coal, soybeans, aluminium, copper, steel and many other metals.
  5. Exponential consumption growth – predicted to hit USD 6.1 trillion in 2021. For both current and predicted scenarios, China’s consumer market is second only to the US.
  6. The largest foreign holder of US treasuries.

Our China Market Insight offers an objective analysis of China’s political, social and economical advancement through the years – and takes heed of the many valuable lessons derived from the nation’s transformational journey through to the 21st century.

Looking to the future, we also unveil the prevailing trends, prolific opportunities and possible challenges that arise as China continues to progress in an increasingly globalised world.

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