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Korean beauty trend to continue its domination in 2019

Helene Chung, co-founder and director of Just Trend, a one-stop Korean beauty brand curator and distributor, shared her beauty predictions for 2019. She has worked at international conglomerates Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal and Star Asia Group, as well as spearheaded the introduction of major Korean cosmetic brands to the Singapore mass market by leading the K-beauty section at Watsons in 2011.

Chung observed that Korean beauty trends dominated the Singapore scene in 2018 and is likely to continue doing so in 2019. She highlighted the Korean “glass skin” trend that is not only popular in Korea and Singapore, but has also garnered a substantial worldwide following. “Glass skin” is a dewy, natural look achieved with the application of liquid-based foundation or highlighters. Chung expects the continued prevalence of this trend as the launch of more water-based formula products are being anticipated in 2019.

She pointed out that the market has already seen “the use of different types of water – carbonated water, cherry blossom water, iceberg water, mineral water and centella asiatica water – in cushion foundation”. At the same time, she opined that “variations in water-based formulas in other cosmetic products, such as lip stains and water-based eye glitters, will also lead the market”.

For skincare, Chung believes that the focus in 2019 will be on advanced pore control and tightening. She noted this is especially so as clogged and enlarged pores are a common problem in Southeast Asia due to its tropical climate.

Another trend will be an increased emphasis on the use of gentle and safe ingredients in beauty products. Chung said “people are starting to realize the negative impacts of potentially harmful ingredients. Beauty and personal care products are now considered as important as the food we ingest”.

Chung also advocated cleansing, exfoliation and hydration – recommending the use of “facial masks two to three times a week, without choosing targeted sheet masks for anti-ageing or whitening (as the) texture may be too heavy, which can cause skin trouble instead”.

In addition, Chung commented on the significant growth of emerging Korean brands in the Asian market, as they make substantial investments into the latest innovations and strive to stay current. She listed Unpa Cosmetics, Nakeup Face and 9CC as this season’s hottest picks “based on their unique brand equity, strength and product performance and popularity in Korea”.

Source: The New Paper

ImageSource: Pixabay

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