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Consumers more satisfied with Singapore’s F&B and Tourism in Q3 2018

In November 2018, the Singapore Management University’s Institute of Service Excellence (ISE) released its Q3 2018 Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) results for the Food & Beverage (F&B) and Tourism sectors. The CSISG surveyed 6,900 respondents (3,060 locals and 3,840 tourists) between the months of July to October 2018.

Based on a scale of 0 to 100, both sectors achieved major year-on-year increases in customer satisfaction – F&B improved by 3.5% to 74.2 points, while Tourism rose by 1.2% to 75.1 points. This is the fourth consecutive year that both sectors recorded increases and the scores are also the highest yet over the 12-year history of the national CSISG study.

All four sub-sectors under the F&B category (Cafes & Coffee Houses, Fast Food Restaurants, Restaurants and Snack Bars & Food Kiosks) experienced improvements, the two most significant being Fast Food Restaurants (2.7% increase to 73.6 points) and Restaurants (4.0% increase to 74.4 points).

More and more fast food chains are adopting self-order kiosks, and it was observed that customers who typically used these kiosks had similar levels of customer satisfaction as customers who usually ordered at the counter. However, customers who preferred using kiosks rated metric “ordering process is simple” significantly higher than customers who normally ordered over the counter.

Chen Yongchang, Head of Research and Consulting at ISE, said “further analysis showed that a simple ordering process was a significant driver of customers’ perceptions of quality at fast food restaurants”. He opined that the increased adoption of “self-order kiosks appear to help simplify ordering processes and, if done well, will positively drive fast food customers’ dining experience over time”.

For Tourism, its sub-sector Hotels maintained its score of 75.3 points, while Attractions noted a 1.1% rise to 74.1 points – after clocking improvements in 10 of the 13 measured quality drivers, including attributes such as the venue’s cleanliness, helpfulness of staff, and waiting times.

In addition, the survey found that visitors who researched about an attraction before visiting it were much more satisfied with their experience over visitors who did not conduct any prior inquiry. Neeta Lachmandas, Executive Director of ISE, explained that “getting information about an attraction prior to a visit helps the consumer curate the visit to suit his or her own needs”. As such, she advised for attraction operators to “take the opportunity to help information-seeking customers to shape and frame their expectations beforehand, setting the stage for these guests to experience the park or museum in the best possible way”.

Source: Singapore Management University

ImageSource: Canva

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